Standardized Letter of Recommendation (SLOR) Now Available

With the CORD-developed SLOR form, writing recommendations has been reduced to a thoughtful one-step process. Students access the form via the AOA website and then automatically send requests to their supervisors. Eliminating the need for a separate letter of recommendation narrative, the form provides standardized questions, options for answers, and a comment box. At the Spring 2017 CORD Conference, 128 orthopaedic programs unanimously agreed to use the SLOR.

Highlights of the SLOR include:
  • Completely writeable fields compatible with nearly any device. Many questions can be answered by simply checking a box.
  • While we historically enjoy prose narratives, standardized questions and options for answers make comparisons easy and much more accurate.
  • Comment box for attendings who wish to go above and beyond in lobbying for their applicant.
  • A letter writer needs just this one form, eliminating the need for a separate letter of recommendation.
  • It is a completely passive process – students have been instructed to provide the link to you.
The SLOR can be found on the AOA website.