New Podcast Episode Available: "Lessons in Orthopaedic Leadership" Interviews Dr. Obremsky

Charles A. Goldfarb, MD, FAOA and Emerging Leader, Alexander W. Aleem, MD, talk with William Obremskey, MD, FAOA.

As a moderator of a 2020 AOA Annual Meeting virtual symposium, Dr. Obremsky will be leading an expert panel to discuss, "How to Assess Quality in an Expanding Healthcare System."

Orthopaedic chairs are being asked to assist healthcare systems with evaluating and validating quality orthopaedic care as these systems expand by recruiting core clinical faculty and integrating community practice groups or other health systems.

“As we come out of this coronavirus pandemic," Dr. Obremsky, "people are going to be looking to come together. And, I think, health systems are going to come out stronger, they’re going to continue to have to grow. So, leaders and health systems will have to decide what they want, who they want, who they keep in, and how they can assess quality.” 

To Listen:
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Special thanks to Peter Martin of Peter Martin Music, Inc (@iampetermartin) for the jazz introduction and conclusion.